The beer styles of Cantillon



This sour, aged beer forms the basis for all of their others. Fermented with the wild yeasts of the brewery it is a distinctive and funky character that can be quite challenging.

The best barrels are selected after three years of ageing and bottled under the name Grand Cru Bruocsella, by this point all of the sugar has been fermented out so there is no sweetness or opportunity for secondary fermentation.



The most famous of Cantillon’s beers is this blend of one, two and three year old lambics, this can be stored for years while it continues to develop in the bottle.



This lambic is blended with caramel and candied sugar, coming out of the bottle both sweet and highly carbonated.



A two year old lambic with Hallertau hops cold-soaked in it. This beer is made in honour of the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise football club.



All of these use two year old lambic with fruit soaked in it for 5-6 months. One third of the bottle will be made up of young lambic to allow for secondary fermentation.

Kriek: Schaerbeek cherries

Rose de Gambrinus: Raspberries

Vigneronne: White Muscat grapes

Saint-Lamvinus: Black Merlot grapes

Fou’foune: Bergeron apricots

Mamouche: Elderberry flowers

Lou Pepe Series – Kriek and Framboise : These beers come from one session and are primed using cane sugar instead of young lambic. As a result they are more intensely fruity and carry vintages.


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