Tasting: BBNo & BDLs – Session 4

2016-07-26 18.02.47

Last week I stopped by BottleDog and got myself a few beers that I’d been meaning to try for a long time. These included a few of the Brasserie de la Senne range from Brussels, one of the newest Belgian breweries and the most noticeably influenced by British and American craft beers that I’ve encountered.

This session beer is a 4% collaboration with local heros from Bermondsey, Brew by Numbers. Brewed on the 23rd of March it was nice and fresh with a huge amount of gas present; showing it’s Belgium roots early on.

The ingredients list barley, wheat and sugar as well as hops and yeast and this carries through in the style of the beer which is very light with a slightly thin and watery finish. Hop character is hardly detectable on either the nose or the pallet but is is undoubtably refreshing.


I feel this beer could do with greater complexity, to fit my tastes but overall it is unique, interesting and great to see the camaraderie of craft beer spanning boarders so effortlessly.




One thought on “Tasting: BBNo & BDLs – Session 4

  1. aleclatham August 23, 2016 / 3:37 pm

    Brasserie de la Senne actively try and break away from some of the heavy cloying ABV beers of Brussels. This post made me realise – I first had Stouterik and Taras Boulba in Brussels with some friends in 2013. The first time I ever saw it in Britain was in the Bottle Shop shortly after it opened. It’s now come full circle as they’ve collaborated with a brewery a few units down from that!


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