As well as a general interest Ben works within the beer industry and is an accredited IBD Beer Sommelier. He is available for a range of talks such as round the world beer tastings, beer and food matching nights and consultancy on designing the perfect beer range.

The articles on the blog will be about malt, hops, yeast and water and how the come together to form beer.

Event Suggestions

  • Beer and Food matching
  • Beers from around the world: USA, UK, Germany, Belgium
  • Beer and Cheese matching
  • Key UK beer styles






In the interests of  openness below is a list of Ben’s interests in the industry outside of this blog.

  1. He is employed by Westside Drinks which works in association with Fuller Smith and Turner P.L.C.
  2. Westside Drinks imports Sierra Nevada, Veltins and Chimay to the UK.
  3. He has not been paid in any way for a post unless otherwise stated.
  4. Opinions are honest and Ben’s own, they do not represent those of any organisation he is associated with.

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