Next Event – Papa Del’s

Free entry including a complimentary half pint.
Thursday 26.11.15

Papa Del’s are teaming up with Fuller’s and their wonderful Frontier Lager to bring you a unique look into how beer & food can work together.

At 19:45 Ben Sedgwick of Westside Drinks will be offering an exciting insight into how beer is conceived, created & perfectly matched with some of our delicious food.

There will be tasters, sliders and an opportunity to win some FREE BEER!

If you like your beer and fancy learning a little more about what goes into it then come down and join us.


Papa Del’s, London, N6 5AA

Found directly opposite Highgate tube station



Sierra Nevada Tasting – Mall Tavern – 28th October

1440 x 443

This was a great event at a fantastic pub.

We went through, the processes involved in making beer, the history of Sierra Nevada and how their ethos differentiates them from other breweries.

It was really good fun to try a range of styles from Sierra and to have the opportunity to pair a range of beers with the blue cheese chicken wings and charcuterie that the pub laid on.

Beers tasted:

Pale Ale

Hop Hunter

Southern Harvest IPA